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TBS 1-68 Gathering New Dates: 10May to 15 May 2022

Marines and Families –

After significant deliberations, and accounting for way too many factors, we have decided  that the above dates are about the sweet spot among many gathering date alternatives and challenges.

Hoping that it is far enough from the present Covid mess that we will have a health window;

  • And not too close to miserable DC humid summers.;
  • And before most of our grandchildren’s graduations;
  • And that The Basic School will have a class in session that we can visit;
  • And that there is a significant Civil War battle anniversary reenactment nearby;
  • And that the Fredericksburg Trolly will still take us to the many very cool and old places and pubs in the historic district;
  • And that we can have a waaayyy cool surprise event like bowling with the stars;
  • And that the Quantico Senior Schools will have classes in session that we can visit;
  • And that Gen Mike can arrange a high level General Officer type speaker who can explain to us how OUR Corps is planning for the future we helped shape;
  • And that the Clarion Hospitality House will extend out most excellent room and hospitality suite terms (they will!!);
  • And that YOU will join us.

My thanks to the classmates who volunteered to contact all.  This recon allowed us to shape the event with your input.

Just a heads up:

  • We will be following all the USMC Covid protocols promulgated as of the reunion date.  Presently, our Corps requires two vaccinations and will likely require a booster by then; we will require the same to join us.  Depending on threat level, we will likely require that each attendee take and pass a Covid rapid test at registration.
  • Our hotel presently requires masking in all public areas- we will comply. Our hospitality suite is deemed a private area- masking will be optional therein.

The Clarion is standing by for your reservation.  https://www.choicehotels.com/virginia/fredericksburg/clarion-hotels/va828  Our group number is #ZB72K4.

And, as usual, all reunion information is now being updated and will be promulgated on our most excellent web site https://www.tbs1-68usmc.com  Go there for info, and events as they are developed.  Make a “note to self” to check back regularly for new postings.

I really hope that our trails cross in May, before we are too old to remember why.


Semper Fi,

Bob Koury



Dave Peters

Alpha Company Admin

**UPDATE – New Reunion Dates are May 10 – 15, 2020 due to Covid spread. Please see New Reunion Information above.

2 December 2021

Greetings –

It is time to get our collective butts in gear and hold a spectacular reunion March 23-27, 2022.  It has been waaayyy too long since we have been in personal grip-and-grin contact.  Good friends are terribly difficult to come by- not sharing time and space with them is a huge loss.

We are hoping that by reunion date, things in the world will have settled a bit for travel and our gathering.  If not, all reservations and payments will be fully refundable.  Not sure we will have the collective energy to do this again- so…..

As before, we will have a wonderful slate of visits and briefings on all things Marine Corps.  And historic Fredericksburg is a great place to browse and visit.  Our reunion hotel is fully renovated (from being pretty darned good to better) and is now a part of the Clarion chain.  The room rates are spectacularly reasonable and include breakfast.

Not a Jewish Mothers’ guilt trip, but please know that a bunch of your classmates are spending a lot of their time and effort to make this reunion and its events possible.  All in the hopes of a large attendance.

Everything you need to know about the reunion and other class news is on The TBS1-68 web site: https://www.tbs1-68usmc.com/2022-reunion-overview/  Go there for hotel registration and reunion registration, info, and events as they are developed.  Make a “note to self” to check back regularly for new postings.

Hope our trails cross while we can still remember why.

Semper Fi,
Bob Koury


July 14, 2021 All Hands Message

TBS 1-68 Alpha Company Upcoming 2022 Reunion
March 22-27, 2022
Fredericksburg, VA

Hotel Reservations:

It is official, we have reserved our hotel for the 2022 gathering.
The Fredericksburg Hospitality House is now under the Clarion brand, but our contact folks are the same.
Room rate of $95 + taxes, including breakfast.

You can reserve now to guarantee you get the heart shaped bed in the honeymoon suite.

Online link: https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/ZB72K4

    • If you make a reservation using this “hot link”, the Clarion reservations system defaults to a check-in on the 21st and checkout on the 27th. That is to accommodate anyone who wants to come a day early for their own purposes.
    • If you use that hot link and make the reservation, but actually want other dates, Just above the event dates is a “Change Dates” dialog box.

Alternatively, you can call direct: 540-786-8321 and ask for group ZB72K4.

Reunion Registration:
More information on Reunion Registration to follow as our planning committee details develop.
Please send ideas for events you want, and maybe volunteer to set them up. It is all open now.

Please note that reunion reservations may be cancelled with reasonable cause with a full refund.
Financial Assistance To Attend: We obtain free rooms and meals with our booking. And class members have already created a fund specifically to assist those who may need it to addend. Please, if financial constraints are an issue with your coming, at least chat with us about how we can make it easy for you to be there. Only two people will ever know: Ray Norton (Treas) and Bob Koury (Pres). Please email Ray ray.norton@nortonfamily.org to discuss.

Semper Fi,
Bob Koury

What's New?

  • TBS 1-68 Newsletter 16 Feb 2021

    TBS 1-68 Newsletter 16Feb2021

    Greetings and best wishes for the Vietnamese lunar year of the Buffalo.  We know how sturdy and dependable these animals are, and it bodes well for the upcoming year.

    Before my mind goes blank, PLEASE notify us of any pending changes in your email contact address.  If not, we only find we have lost contact when your email bounces back as undelivered.

    I have been hesitant to send out newsletters, not knowing exactly what to communicate in this Covid altered world.  I am reminded of my college newsletter editors, always begging for folks to write to them so that they have something to print.  Of course, I never write.

    Our Dave Peters continues his remarkable work with our class website.  It is the reliable best source for all information about our class and its members.  I urge you to look at it, maybe once a month, for new bulletins and information.  I put a reminder in my electronic brain / calendar to do so every 30 days.  He has added a quick “What’s New” link on the home page- try it!!  https://www.tbs1-68usmc.com

    Unfortunately, we are at that time of life when our friends are moving on to whatever is next on the journey.    I am reminded that John Wayne once said “Looks like none of us are getting out of here alive”.

    Dave Hauntz, Beirne Lovely and Drew Ley have started their next adventures.   I think you will enjoy reading their life stories, which are on the website in the form of their obituaries (wish that were different).  All three were incredibly accomplished individuals.  Strongly recommend you learn of their accomplishments and lives well lived on our web site

    I find it a bit tragic that I never find out how wonderful my friends were during their lives.  That has to wait until I read their obituaries.  By a stroke of coincidence, Beirne and Drew were college fraternity brothers of John Feltner and I, and classmates of Jeff Zimmerman. And many of you know Kevin Trainor (TBS 1-67) who was also a Dartmouth fraternity brother.  Small Marine world at Dartmouth in those days.

    Drew was a prominent member of the USS Constitution Museum Board.  They have established a fund in his honor to support the Museum and its activities.  It is being kicked off by a Zoom event in Drew’s honor on 23 February with no less than Generals  Jim Mattis and Joe Dunford as participants- high company for Drew.  Click here to read about the Drew Ley Fund which contains a link for joining the event: https://ussconstitutionmuseum.org/give/colonel-drew-ley-fund/

     My friend, Bing West, has a new book that I highly recommend: The Last Platoon.  It is a story of Afghanistan and Marines on a modern mission.  I learned more about that place “a pathology, not a country”, than from all my other sources to date.

    I have two possible future class events and, maybe, a third.  All awaiting a Covid clearing:

                – My Vietnamese friend and guide, Mr. Nguyen Duy, and I have...

  • Watch this Space

    Shortly, you will be able to get quick updates on Class activity. Please check back.