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  • TBS 1-68 Newsletter 16 Feb 2021

    TBS 1-68 Newsletter 16Feb2021

    Greetings and best wishes for the Vietnamese lunar year of the Buffalo.  We know how sturdy and dependable these animals are, and it bodes well for the upcoming year.

    Before my mind goes blank, PLEASE notify us of any pending changes in your email contact address.  If not, we only find we have lost contact when your email bounces back as undelivered.

    I have been hesitant to send out newsletters, not knowing exactly what to communicate in this Covid altered world.  I am reminded of my college newsletter editors, always begging for folks to write to them so that they have something to print.  Of course, I never write.

    Our Dave Peters continues his remarkable work with our class website.  It is the reliable best source for all information about our class and its members.  I urge you to look at it, maybe once a month, for new bulletins and information.  I put a reminder in my electronic brain / calendar to do so every 30 days.  He has added a quick “What’s New” link on the home page- try it!!  https://www.tbs1-68usmc.com

    Unfortunately, we are at that time of life when our friends are moving on to whatever is next on the journey.    I am reminded that John Wayne once said “Looks like none of us are getting out of here alive”.

    Dave Hauntz, Beirne Lovely and Drew Ley have started their next adventures.   I think you will enjoy reading their life stories, which are on the website in the form of their obituaries (wish that were different).  All three were incredibly accomplished individuals.  Strongly recommend you learn of their accomplishments and lives well lived on our web site

    I find it a bit tragic that I never find out how wonderful my friends were during their lives.  That has to wait until I read their obituaries.  By a stroke of coincidence, Beirne and Drew were college fraternity brothers of John Feltner and I, and classmates of Jeff Zimmerman. And many of you know Kevin Trainor (TBS 1-67) who was also a Dartmouth fraternity brother.  Small Marine world at Dartmouth in those days.

    Drew was a prominent member of the USS Constitution Museum Board.  They have established a fund in his honor to support the Museum and its activities.  It is being kicked off by a Zoom event in Drew’s honor on 23 February with no less than Generals  Jim Mattis and Joe Dunford as participants- high company for Drew.  Click here to read about the Drew Ley Fund which contains a link for joining the event: https://ussconstitutionmuseum.org/give/colonel-drew-ley-fund/

     My friend, Bing West, has a new book that I highly recommend: The Last Platoon.  It is a story of Afghanistan and Marines on a modern mission.  I learned more about that place “a pathology, not a country”, than from all my other sources to date.

    I have two possible future class events and, maybe, a third.  All awaiting a Covid clearing:

                – My Vietnamese friend and guide, Mr. Nguyen Duy, and I have...

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